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Learn Bayes online and intuitively

Looking for an intuitive online introduction to Bayesian stats?

Ravin Kumar, Thomas Wiecki and myself created just that — a course for the quick learners, action takers and busy professionals who’ve always wanted a one-stop shop to learn about Bayes!

You get a lot of code examples and practical applications — not math equations — and integrate a community of like-minded learners online — because we’re all in this together.

Check out the syllabus, and feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Your host

Hi! I’m your host, Alexandre Andorra. By day, I’m a Bayesian modeler at the PyMC Labs consultancy.

By night, I don’t (yet) fight crime, but I’m an open-source enthusiast and core contributor to the awesome Python packages PyMC and ArviZ.

An always-learning statistician, I love building models and studying elections and human behavior. I also love Nutella a bit too much, but I don’t like talking about it – I prefer eating it.

My goal is to make this podcast as interesting and useful to you as possible. So, hit me on Twitter or email with your topics and guests suggestions!

You talking to me?

Do you have a Bayesian model that’s proving particularly difficult?

Or you’d like me to come and teach Bayesian stats in your company?

Then send me an email or book a slot to talk with me!

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