Learning Bayesian Statistics

Are you a researcher or data scientist / analyst / ninja? Do you want to learn Bayesian inference, stay up to date or simply want to understand what Bayesian inference is? 

Well I’m just like you! When I started learning Bayesian methods, I really wished there were a podcast out there that could introduce me to the methods, the projects and the people who make all that possible.

So I created “Learning Bayesian Statistics”, a fortnightly podcast where I interview researchers and practitioners of all fields about why and how they use Bayesian statistics, and how in turn YOU, as a learner, can apply these methods in YOUR modeling workflow. Now the thing is, I’m not a beginner, but I’m not an expert either. The people I’ll interview will definitely be. So I’ll be learning alongside you. I won’t pretend to know everything in this podcast, and I WILL make mistakes. But thanks to the guests’ feedback, we’ll be able to learn from those mistakes, and I think this will help you (and me!) become better, faster, stronger Bayesians.

So, whether you want to learn Bayesian statistics or hear about the latest libraries, books and applications, this podcast is for you. In this very first episode – well actually it’s episode 0, because 0-indexing rules! – I will introduce you to the genesis of this podcast, tell you why you should listen and reveal some of the guests for the coming episodes.

Come join us!

Links from the show:

  • Podcast website: https://learnbayesstats.anvil.app/
  • Alex Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/alex_andorra
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