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This is a very special episode. It is the first-ever LBS video episode, and it takes place in the heart of particle physics research — the CERN 🍾

I went onsite in Geneva, to visit Kevin Greif, a doctoral candidate in particle physics at UC Irvine, and we walked around the CERN campus, talking about particle physics, dark matter, dark energy, machine learning — and a lot more!

I still released the audio form of this episode, but I really thought and made it as a video-first episode, so I strongly recommend watching this one, as you’ll get a cool tour of the CERN campus and some of its experiments 😉 I put the YouTube link in the show notes.

I hope you’ll enjoy this deep dive into all things physics. If you have any recommendations for other cool scientific places I should do a documentary about, please get in touch on Twitter @LearnBayesStats, or by email.

This was literally a one-person endeavor — you may have noticed that I edited the video myself. So, if you liked it, please send this episode to your friends and colleagues — and tell them to support the show on Patreon 😉 

With enough support, that means I’ll be able to continue with such in-depth content, and maybe, maybe, even pay for a professional video editor next time 🙈 

Enjoy, my dear Bayesians, and best Bayesian wishes 🖖

Our theme music is « Good Bayesian », by Baba Brinkman (feat MC Lars and Mega Ran). Check out his awesome work at https://bababrinkman.com/ !

Thank you to my Patrons for making this episode possible!

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